Semia, wildlife protection in Italy

Novembre 19, 2019
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Novembre 19, 2019 miwe

Semia, wildlife protection in Italy

Semia is an Italian nonprofit association dedicated to the rescue, cure and rehabilitation of wild animals. It has been founded by Donatella Gelli, a vet and a university teacher, who lives in Tuscany (Italy), few miles from where I live. I have been introduced to what she’s doing for injured wild animals by an activist friend of mine and I went to visit her. I found myself surrounded by wild boars, deers, prickets, hares, a baby wolf and other animals, all with their name and a dedicated area.

Some of them were found on the side of the road hit by cars, or in the woods shot by hunters or abandoned because of disabilities. And people living in this area know that Donatella takes care of them until they are able to go back to wild life. All these wild animals would be destined to slaughter house.
While listening to her I was overwhelmed by the unconditional love she has for these animals, and the passion and professionalism she puts in
healing them (physically and emotionally).

She created the association in order to have an easier access to donations and also to involve volunteers, but it is just at the beginning and the hunters associations of the area are not very happy.
I talked to her about The Pollination Project, the association I work for, because I could clearly see the potential of Donatella’s action. A seed grant could become a beautiful tree in her loving and expert hands, saving the life of many wild amazing animals.

I also decided to gift her with my time to help her with the communication aspects of the association offering webdesign services.
You can reach her by her Facebook page here or wait for her brand new website made with love by Designer for Change. Stay tune!

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