Founded in early 1999 by Julia Butterfly Hill, Circle of Life activates people through education, inspiration and connection to live in a way that honors the diversity and interdependence of all life.

Circle Of Life Foundation

Circle of Life was founded by Julia and a group of forest activists in Humboldt County, CA in 1999.  For nearly 10 years, Circle of Life operated and produced cutting-edge speaking tours, eco friendly events, classroom visits, workshops, training programs and much more, all with the goal of teaching people how to live more compassionately and with a lighter footprint on the earth.

In 2007, Circle of Life transitioned into an incubator for new initiatives and projects including What’s Your Tree, a cutting edge small group program geared towards helping people find their social change purpose and then take meaningful action.  In 2012, Circle of Life provided the launch pad for The Pollination Project, a unique foundation that gives small seed grants to individual change makers every day of the year.  Circle of Life also continues to provide a platform for the message and story of Julia Butterfly Hill and Luna to be shared.

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alissa hauser, project manager, Circle of Life
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