The website supports the work of Aloha Alliances, committed to create community initiatives that build relationships and inspire trust.

Aloha Alliances

Every six to eight months Aloha Alliances takes on a pressing topic of our time. They look at what’s already being done and examine how they might build deeper relationships that allow people to work together to build trusted community solutions.

Aloha Alliances intentionally starts small and grows slowly, so they can listen and learn what works best for people, the land and animals. They are anchored in an experimental mindset that creates small wins and minor setbacks.

Once an initiative is self-sustaining, in community or money, they pass it off to their interested nonprofits, community organizations, or small businesses while they move onto initiating the next experiments.

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"Milena was a shining light when I decided to take the leap and the organization Aloha Alliances (now known as The Trailer of Trash). She listened to what I was creating and then created a website that not only captures its essence but also is functional for users as well. Her gifts shine through all her work and I am honored to have her as a person I can go to share my gifts with others. "

Nicole Huguenin
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