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Novembre 23, 2019 miwe

“I’ll think about it later”

There are so many aspects to deal with while running a nonprofit that many times communication – and online communication in particular – are labelled as less important. We know that our organization – or our initiative – needs one, but we leave it at the end and we don’t see its real potential: an open door on what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for.

It’s an invitation to people, volunteers, potential donors and advocates to know us better, and most of all to interact with us and to support and share our ideas, actions, projects.

Not a simple window, but a virtual space where we can meet and involve people in our projects, events, mission.

We need to start thinking to our website as a standing point of our organization or our project and make sure:

  • its design is simple, functional and impactful. Visitors need to be able to navigate it in an easy way, but also they need to be inspired to know more and be involved;
  • it explains clearly our mission and our programs/services;
  • it is connected with the social media world, so to be easy sharable;
  • it invites people to give and support through donations;
  •  it makes easy for visitors to get in touch with us;
  • it is designed to be responsive and be clearly navigable on mobiles and tablets.

Our website is our partner and speaks for us.  If we can create clear pathways for engagement, our community of supporters will grow.

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